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10 / 03 / 2017

How to Create a Business Continuity Plan for Your Small Business

Take a look at your business. Now imagine that business under water, damaged or destroyed by wind or hurricane, or without power for an extended time. 

10 / 26 / 2016

If You Are Voting in Texas These Laws May Apply to You

It’s that time again.  The time where every citizen has the power to elect a new leader for this nation.  Our votes will affect every aspect of our lives.  Military and defense, healthcare, education, finances and wellbeing; you name it, your vote and...

08 / 31 / 2016

Startups and Liability: Tesla's First Auto Accident

Tesla Motors, Inc., the American automotive and energy storage company, is the powerhouse of electric-powered vehicles and could very well be leading the car industry into autonomous driving a la I, Robot. Inspired by and named after Nikola Tesla, the...

09 / 27 / 2014

Pre-K 4 SA

In showing our continued support to the San Antonio education and business community, the Vethan Law Firm, P.C. underwrote the Brainpower Town Hall meeting in San Antonio, at which city leaders, community activists and educators were able to discuss San...

05 / 21 / 2014

Tit for Tat; or why one party’s breach doesn’t mean you can do whatever you would like

It seems to be a common understanding amongst persons that if you enter into an agreement with someone, but they don’t do what they promised in that agreement, then you don’t have to do what you promised.  Unfortunately, that is only partly true.

04 / 09 / 2014

The Sacred Cow of Equity and Strict Compliance in Letter of Credit Law: Recent Trends and Projections

“The Sacred Cow of Equity and Strict Compliance in Letter of Credit Law: Recent Trends and Projections”, an article by VLF’s Managing Attorney Charles M.R. Vethan published in 1994 was recently cited by the Malaysian Bar Association (Bar Malaysia) in...

Vethan Law's guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act

Our new guide provides a simplified overview of the FLSA with definitions of terms and details regarding employee exemptions in an easy-to-read format. Click the book below to download our free guide and learn what to expect.


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