07 / 23 / 2012

Big News! Vethan Law Firm, P.C. Successfully defends Business in Trademark Case!

In a recent trademark case, the Vethan Law Firm, P.C. successfully defended a company’s general manager in a lawsuit where the manager was accused by a competitor of unfair competition and fraudulently obtaining a trademark.  Despite the Competitors’ use of seven attorneys at trial, (including two law firm partners), the competitor’s claims of wrongdoing against the Vethan Law Firm’s client were dismissed by a Federal Judge before the claims made it to the jury.  The competitor had claimed over $800,000.00 against the VLF client in attorney fees.  The Federal Judge denied the competitor’s enormous claim, finding the case “unexceptional” and refusing to award the competitor any fees.

“They challenged our client’s integrity, and they lost.”  said Charles Vethan, managing partner of the Vethan Law Firm.  The amount of liability sought against the VLF client was over four times the competitor’s original estimate.  “We were able to use the opposing party’s own statement against them. You can’t request an award of nearly a million dollars when you have previously said the amount would be around $150,000.00.  We proved our client had done nothing wrong, so there was no way the opposing party was going to get a money judgment.  The fact that the amount requested had grown out of control could not have helped.”


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